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PS4 Sampler

PS4 Sampler

PS4 Sampler for Milk Collection

The PS4 sampler is specially designed for installation in tankers for milk collection. PS4 is a peristaltic sampler which can take samples directly from the pipeline.
The PS4 can be equipped with 2 pump heads and consists of an actual sampler in a stainless steel cabinet and a separate control unit in an aluminum cabinet.

Special features:

  • Simultaneous sampling from 2 independent samplers
  • Quasi-continuous operation by using step motors
  • Improved hose life with re-designed pump head and speed limiter
  • Good representativeness due to the very small sampling volume of the individual sample and the frequent individual sampling
  • Low carry-over due to very small moistening areas in the system and additional control of backwashing
  • Suitable for bacteriological sampling
  • Easy installation
  • Good cleanability
  • Low maintenance
  • Bottle holder for different sizes; Can be equipped with a bottle sensor as an option

Subsequent installation in the existing pipeline is possible without any problems. The pipeline must be separated at a suitable point and provided with two counter flanges. The sampler PS4, which is equipped with a piece of pipe and corresponding flanges, is then simply installed.
It's controlled automatically by the Diessel data acquisition device ZEVODAT-.


Data sheet for PS4I Sampler

Data sheet for PS4S Sampler