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Piston KS-P Sampler

Piston KS-P Sampler

Piston KS-P Sampler for Metering- and Pump Systems

With Piston KS-P sampler is mounted directly in the pipeline which makes it possible to take samples continuously and aliquot from the pipeline as the milk flows through.


Special features:

  • The sample runs into the sampler vessel due to gravity
  • The sampler is pneumatically operated by means of a 5/2 - ways solenoid valve
  • The solenoid valve can be volume controlled by a volume meter with impulse transmitter or time-controlled by a timer
  • The sample ratio rate can be determined according to a desired variation of the impulse sequences per volume unit
  • The sampler is also available in a special design with cleaning socket which makes it possible clean in place


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