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PS3 Sampler

PS3 Sampler

PS3 Sampler for Milk Collection

The PS3 sampler is designed to be installed on milk collecting trucks. It works according to the principle of a hose pump and enables you to take the sample directly from the hose pipe.
PS3 is equipped with an electronic motorcontrol which can operate 1 independent samplers.

Special features:

  • Quasi-continuous operation because a step motor is used
  • Improved lifetime of the hose because of a redesigned pump head and speed limiter
  • Good representativeness due to a very low sampling volume of the individual samples and frequent taking of individual samples
  • Low carry-over due to very small moistening areas in the system. Suitable for bacteriological sampling
  • Easy installation
  • Good cleaning capability
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Bottle holders for different sizes; can be optionally fitted with a bottle sensor


Data sheet for PS3 sampler >>>