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Piston PT Sampler

Piston PT Sampler

Piston PT Sampler for Milk Collection

The sampler allows for continuous and aliquot sampling of liquids from pipelines.­

At every stroke the sampling quantity is taken from the pipeline between the rounded sealing surface and the piston point and delivered down. The sample then flows into the sampling bottle without pressure.

The ratio of sampling quantity to quantity of liquid flowing through the pipeline can be determined by modification of the stroke frequency.

At the end of the sampling process the product adhering to the surface can be discharged via an air purge connection. Aseptic air should be used for this, minimizing a probable carry-over.

During the cleaning process the piston rod should be removed in order to rinse the sealing surfaces sufficiently. Furthermore, it is possible to take cleaning liquid from the pipeline via a valve combina­tion to use it for cleaning the purge connection­. A bottle fixing, adjustable to different bottle sizes, can be supplied optionally. For this the sampling bottle is pressed with the opening (Ø 45 mm max.) directly under the sampler, so that a contamination of the bottle from outside will be minimized.


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